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The Best Coastal Shelf Styling Decor

In this post, you’ll find links to all of the best coastal shelf styling decor that you’ll need for the prettiest bookshelves around!

What to Use on Bookshelves

There are so many great products you can use on bookshelves to add interest and variety. My number one go-to item is a stack of coffee table books. They take up a lot of space, add visual interest with different colors and fonts on the spines and they can be placed both horizontally and vertically making them super versatile. Add a potted plant and some recycled glass beads on top and you’ve got a pretty little vignette on your shelf. 

You’ll want to keep things in odd numbers to make it more appealing. Creating visual “triangles” of decor helps move the eye around more too.

Looking For More Ideas?

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I also think it’s super important to add things that represent you or your family. Do you love to travel? Add some pieces that you’ve purchased along the way. Are you an amateur photographer? Frame some of your work and lean it against the back wall of your bookshelf. One of the things that I love the most on my own bookshelves are jars of sand that I’ve collected from every beach we’ve ever visited. They might not be what someone else would put on their shelves but we love to travel so it represents us perfectly! (If you’re looking for some travel inspiration, head on over to read my post all about Exuma, Bahamas!)

Below, you’ll find links to all of the products I recommend (many of them that I own + love) for bookshelf styling. Simply click on a picture and it will take you directly to the item!




Coffee Table Books

Candle Holders


Ginger Jars





Decorative Objects

I hope this guide to coastal shelf styling decor was helpful! Do you have a favorite piece? Drop me a comment and let me know!

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