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My 2021 gift guides are heeeeeeeeere! It took me what seemed like forever but my gift guides for this holiday season are finally done! You can scroll through the post to find the ultimate shopping guides for this holiday season – there is truly something for everyone! From toy staples for kids to unique gifts for grandparents, I’ve got you covered! Most gifts I chose are from easy-to-shop online stores to make it super convenient for you! I also tried to include a wide variety of price points so there is something for everybody!

Christmas Gift Guides

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Gift Ideas for 2-5 Year Olds
Gift Ideas for 6-8 Year Old Girls
Gift Ideas for 6-8 Year Old Boys
Gift Ideas for 9-12 Year Old Girls
Gift Ideas for 9-12 Year Old Boys
Gift Ideas for 13+ Year Old Girls
Gift Ideas for 13+ Year Old Boys
Gift Ideas for Grandparents
Gift Ideas for Wives and Moms
Gift Ideas for Husbands and Dads

Gift Ideas for 2-5 Year Olds

First up is my gift guide for 2-5 year olds. Once I started searching, I just kept finding more and more and more. Some of the items brought back some nostalgia from when my own kids were little and some were new to me that just looked like fun! Everything in this gift guide is a screen-free option, included for maximum creative play opportunities!

Gift Ideas for 2-5 Year Olds
Wagon | Minnie & Daisy Dress-Up | Boynton’s Greatest Hits | My Giant Busy Box | Mail Carrier Set | Hidden Pictures Set | Letter Practice Boards | Zingo | Kinetic Sand | Ice Cream Set | Magna Tiles | Art Easel | Toolbench | Doctor’s Kit | Shark Set | Hot Wheels Set of 50 | Bear Puzzle | Play Kitchen | Building Blocks | Slide | Toboggan | Campfire Set | Wooden Puzzle Set | Toniebox | High Five Magazine | Paper Plate Art Kit | Market | Lincoln Logs | Dollhouse | Ball Pit | Picnic Table | Constellation Light Projector | Shopping Cart | Spaceship Tent | John Deere Tractor | Gardening Set

* Note: With this age group in particular, please make sure to check the recommended ages for the gift you are choosing! There is (obviously) a big difference between a small toddler and a kindergartner and we want to make sure they are receiving appropriate gifts for their developmental level!

  • Mail Carrier Set – This one stopped me in my tracks! My kids would have loved this set, particularly my son who was obsessed with mail trucks when he was 2 or 3.
  • Picnic Table – We used our picnic table for years (well past the ages on this gift guide) but it wasn’t nearly as cute as this one!
  • Toniebox – This toy seems to be all the rage this holiday season! There are different figurines that you can purchase and the box plays music and songs accordingly.
  • Shopping Market – This is one that my kids would have LOVED! They always had fun playing restaurant or store and this would have made it even better!
  • Magna Tiles – If there is one toy that I’d recommend over and over and over again, it would be this one. They are perfect for creative building from any age and they last well beyond this age range. My 11 and 9 year olds still play with them!

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Gift Ideas for 6-8 Year Old Girls

In my opinion, this is always such a fun age group to shop for! They are still little enough to enjoy make-believe and imaginative play but old enough to start enjoying crafts and art projects too! One of the best gift both of my kids ever received were a table and chair each that they used as their desks. It’s been several years since they got them and they are still used almost daily for art projects, drawing and crafting.

Gift Ideas for 6-8 Year Old Girls

Slime | Lego Friends | Rock Painting Kit | Junie B Jones books | Bead Bracelets | Squishmallow | Roller Skates | Sparkly Purse | Window Art Kit | Gummy Candy Lab | Fashion Plates | Rubber Band Bracelet Kit | Terrarium Kit | Slippers | Fashion Sketch Pad | Glitter Pens | Sleeping Bag | School Kit | Highlights Magazine | Fashion Studio | Jewelry Box | LOL Dolls

  • Lego Friends – This is an obvious choice but my daughter LOVED receiving these at this age. She got really good at building very quickly and still plays with them to this day.
  • School Kit – This is another toy that has seen A LOT of use from my kids over the years!
  • Roller Skates – The great thing about these skates is that they are adjustable in size so they can be worn longer than regular skates!
  • Fashion Plates – This is an old favorite of mine from my childhood and I loved when my daughter received this and started playing with it! It brought back a lot of fun memories!
  • Jewelry Box – My daughter got this jewelry box when she was 6 and she just loved keeping all of her special “treasures” and jewelry in it. You could pair it with a pretty necklace too!

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Gift Ideas for 6-8 Year Old Boys

Boys can sometimes be tricky to shop for because stores don’t seem to cater craft kits and art projects to them (and they should because they like them!). So, I’ve rounded up a bunch of gift ideas that my own son loved at this age!

Gift Ideas for 6-8 Year Old Boys

Guess Who? | Lego City | Minecraft UNO | Baseball Mysteries Book Set | Build Your Own Volcano | Planetarium Projector | Skeeball | Karaoke Machine | Mega Cyborg Hand | Binoculars | Sleeping Bag | Laser Tag | Roller Skates | Walkie TalkiesBasketball Game | Nerf Football | Nintendo Switch | Critter Cage | National Geographic Kids Magazine | Modeling Clay | Paint Your Own Wooden Cars | Telescope | Shark Slippers | Inventor’s Box

  • Guess Who? – This was one of my favorite games as a kid so I was thrilled when my own kids loved it too! My son played this non-stop for at least 6 months while his sister was at school every day.
  • Baseball Mysteries – My aunt bought these for my son on a whim on year and he quickly became obsessed. He’s read them over and over, again and again. Such a great set of chapter books for newer readers.
  • Dual Basketball Game – Another gift that my son loved! He got really good at it and Mom still stinks. Ha!
  • Laser Tag Game – This game has been such a hit with both of my kids. We actually just played it today while they had a day off from school.

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Gift Ideas for 9-12 Year Old Girls

I think this is the age range when gift giving starts getting tricky. They don’t want to be treated like “babies” but they are still (sometimes) too young for older stuff. I stole a lot of ideas for things that my daughter has + loves or that’s on her list for this year.  I always try to include as many non-electronic options as I can as well!

Gift Ideas for 9-12 Year Old Girls

Sew Mini Treats | Beats Headphones | Tie Dye Kit | Paint by Sticker Book | Lip Smackers | UNO Flip! | Pop-Its! | Guts Book | Drama Book | Scrunchie Holder | Checkered Vans | Suitcase | Chair | Knit Hat | Necklaces | Caboodle | Colored Pencil | Neon Sign | Snow Shoes | Terrycloth Headbands | Blanket Sweatshirt | Cookbook | Coloring Book

  • Sew Mini Kit – My daughter is extremely crafty and she’s also learned to sew over the past years. She has LOVED this little kit. I think it would be just fine for beginner’s as well!
  • Suitcase – My mom bought this suitcase for her last Christmas and it has been such a big hit! There are other patterns and colors available too!
  • Lounge Chair – My son actually got a boy version of this chair last year and he uses it so much. My daughter wants one now!
  • Caboodle – This is another throwback from my own childhood and my daughter uses hers to store all of her competition dance makeup, hair accessories, etc.
  • Blanket Sweatshirt – These were all the rage last year and my kids still wear them all the time (even in the air conditioned house in the summer, lol).

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Gift Ideas for 9-12 Year Old Boys

Having a boy in this age range can be tough. My son is 9 and loves Minecraft, sports and YouTube. I tried to include some of his favorite games and toys and some things he might like to receive!

Gift Guide for 9-12 year Old Boys

Exploding Kittens | Instax Cameras | Percy Jackson Book Series | Echo Dot | Paint by Sticker Dogs Book | Ripstick Board | Over the Door Basketball Net | Pop-Its | North Face Hat | NFL Football | What Do You Meme? | Tiki Toss Game | Star Wars Shirt | Foosball Table | Comfy Chair | Dartboard | Beats Headphones | Throw Throw Burrito | Spikeball | Snow Shoes | Ultimate Builder’s Guide in Minecraft | Blanket Sweatshirt | Cookbook | Sport’s Illustrated Kids

  • Sports Illustrated Kids – My son is basically a walking encyclopedia of sports facts so I think he might enjoy receiving this on a monthly basis!
  • Snow Shoes – Anything that gets my son outside and active is a good gift in my book! He really enjoys playing in the snow so I think he would have fun with a set of snow shoes!
  • Exploding Kittens – Both of my kids LOVE this game! Our whole family thinks it’s fun and it’s a quick and easy game to pick up on.
  • The Ultimate Builder’s Guide in Minecraft – My son received this last year and has found it really useful in helping him learn how to gain certain skills in the game. He’s gone from a beginner to much more advanced in such a short amount of time.
  • Foosball Table – My in-laws have the foosball table that my husband and his brothers played on as kids and my son thinks it is so much fun. If you have the space, this is a great gift!

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Gift Ideas for 13+ Year Old Girls

The things teens like sure have changed since I was that age! I’m pretty sure I just wanted a new cd/Walkman and some lotion from Victoria’s Secret (ha!). Girls these days definitely seem to have more upscale taste than I ever did but there are still deals to be had!

Gift Ideas for 13+ Year Old Girls

Lily Pulitzer Gift Set | One Line a Day | Barefoot Dreams Blanket | AirPods | Birkenstocks | Drunk Elephant Cleanser | Cooluli Mini Refrigerator | Photo Display | Bose Speaker | Slippers | Apple Watch | MakeUp Eraser | Cosmetics Pouch | Photo Printer | Ring Light | T3 Curling Iron | Laneige Lip Balm Set | Beauty Blender | Crossbody Bag | Hunter Boots | Face Mask Gift Set | MAC Lipstick | Bracelet Stack | Striped Pajamas

  • Laniege Lip Balm Set – Laniege is a hot Korean beauty brand and teen girls will love this gift set., Sephora has tons of different gift sets for any teen girls specific beauty wants or needs. 
  • Photo Printer – As a scrapbooker, I am a big fan of anything that gets those photos off your phone and printed out. I love this little instant printer!
  • Bracelet Stack – These beaded disc bracelets are all the rage and are all over Instagram. You can get them in virtually any color scheme including your high school or college colors!
  • Cooluli Refrigerator – This little mini fridge is great for a teen bedroom but what a lot of people use them for are to keep their beauty products cold.
  • One Line a Day Book – This little book is a great memory/scrapbooking tool. It has an entry for each day and you write down one little memory or snippet over the course of 5 years.

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Gift Ideas for 13+ Year Old Boys

Teen boys sometimes get a bad rap so I wanted this gift guide to include some fun things just for them! I put together a mix of electronics, some clothes and shoes and well, snacks, because I’ve heard that’s the way to their hearts. LOL!

Gift Ideas for 13+ Year Old Boys

GoPro | Pick Your Poison | Nikes | DJI Mavic Mini | Tennis Shoes | Basketball Hoop | Apple Watch | One Line a Day | Tortilla Blanket | Manual to Manhood | Nintendo Shirt | Popcorn Machine | Snack Box | 3D Printer | Foldology | Golf Bag | Air Hockey Table | Hammock | Under Armour Sweatshirt | Bose Earbuds

  • GoPro – This is one of my most used travel tools and my kids love using it too. I’d imagine a teen boy would love it for a pool, beach, skateboarding, etc.
  • Tortilla Blanket – Is there a teen boy around who doesn’t love tacos? This tortilla blanket is a hilarious gift that any teen boy is sure to find funny!
  • Snack Box – Ok, there aren’t many teens around who don’t like snacks either! This is a huge snack box full of, well, junk food and that should be right up a teen boy’s alley!
  • DJI Mavic Mini Drone – I own the larger version of this drone and it’s amazing! It’s quite a pricey gift for a teen but if you have a serious photographer in the family, this gift will impress them!

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Gift Ideas for Grandparents

When I asked my Instagram followers which gift guides they’d like to see, ideas for parents and grandparents was one of the most requested! I tried to come up with some classic favorites and a few unique choices as well!

Gift Ideas for Grandparents

NixPlay Photo Frame | Acrylic Bird Feeder | Riedel Wine Glasses | Winc Wine Membership | Foot Warmer | Record Player | Solo Stove | Knife Set | TheragunWine Chiller | Chocolate Covered Salted Caramels | Swing | Password Book | Puzzle | Kindle Paperwhite | Inflatable Hot Tub | Golf Practice Net | Bug Shooter | Copper Mugs | Moscow Mule Set

  • NixPlay Photo Frame – We gifted both sets of our parents with this frame last year and it was a HUGE hit! You just download an app, upload photos to it and they appear on the frame. My husband uses the app for his parents (and his brothers have the log in info so they can upload photos too) and I use it for mine. Super easy to use and operate!
  • Acrylic Bird Feeder – This bird feeder has suction cups so you can attach it to a window and be able to watch the birds. Add a bag of bird seed and you’ve got a fun gift!
  • Riedel Wine Glasses – These are our all-time favorite glasses! Pair it with a Winc wine membership for a great gift!
  • Solo Stove – These are smokeless fire pits and they are amazing!

Shop the rest of my Gift Guide for Grandparents by clicking any of the links below the photo!

Gift Ideas for Wives and Moms

Wives and moms (and sisters and friends and all of the other special women in your life) are usually the ones who are doing the bulk of the heavy lifting for the holidays. So, I wanted my gift guide to include mostly items that are splurges or something that they wouldn’t necessarily purchase for themselves!

Gift Ideas for Wives and Moms

Barefoot Dreams Blanket | Always Pan | Family Portrait | Olaplex Hair Care Set | Golden Goose Sneakers | Yves Saint Laurent Crossbody Bag | Tarte Eyeshadow Palette | Name Necklace | Heated Shoulder Wrap | Nugget Ice Maker | KitchenAid Mixer | Slippers | Olive and June Nail Polish | Barefoot Dreams Robe | Keurig  Coffee Maker | Hunter Boots | Puzzle | Cookbook Stand | Zella Leggings | GoPro Gift Set | Tula Skincare

  • Nugget Ice Maker – This is on my list! This ice machine makes that perfect, crunchy nugget ice. It gets great reviews and people rave about it on Instagram.
  • Barefoot Dreams Blanket – I bought this during the Nordstrom sale and I love it! Barefoot Dreams makes my favorite sweaters and the blankets are just as soft and cozy. I think it gets better the longer you use it!
  • Heated Shoulder Wrap – I’m putting this on my wish list too. I have a lot of shoulder/neck/back pain and I’d love some relief during the cold winters.
  • Family Portrait – These are a fun + sentimental gift. You’ll need to get a jump start on this one though since lead times can vary due to the artist’s time frame.
  • Cookbook Stand – If your wife or mom is a home decor enthusiast, then she’s probably sure to love this beautiful cookbook stand. It also comes in white!

Shop the rest of my Gift Guide for Wives and Moms by clicking any of the links below the photo!

Gift Ideas for Husbands and Dad

This was my second-most requested gift guide! It seems like everyone struggles to come up with a great gift for their husband or dad. So I’ve got some fun and unique gift suggestions that will work for anyone!

Gift Ideas for Husbands and Dads

Movie Projector | Shinola Watch | Echo Show | Pro V1 Golf Balls | Tools | Polo Shirt | Polo Cologne | Nike Shoes | Gin and Tonic Mix | Game of Thrones DVD Set | Classic Nintendo | Traeger Grill | Blackstone Flat Top Grill | Egg McMuffin Maker | Slippers | Decanter | Drinking Game | Shower Drink Holder | Virtual Reality Set | Dirty Sue Olive Juice | Adidas Gym Bag | Cocktail Smoker | College Stadium Artwork | Mini Keg

  • Shinola Watch – Since I’m a Michigan girl, I’ve got to put a plug in for Shinola watches! They are made in Detroit and are such a beautiful keepsake piece.
  • Echo Show – I received this as a gift last Christmas and it’s amazing! It would be perfect and so useful for anyone!
  • Blackstone Griddle – This is so awesome! I’ve seen it in person and I can say first hand how useful a tool this would be for any home!
  • Movie Projector – Got a movie buff? Grab them a movie projector so they can watch movies anywhere! Throw in the popcorn maker from my teen boy gift guide and you’ve got a great combo gift!
  • PRO V1 Golf Balls – My husband loves these golf balls but they are pricey so it’s nice to receive these as a gift. You could always pair them with a gift card to a local course too!

Shop the rest of my Gift Guide for Husbands and Dads by clicking any of the links below the photo!

Whew, if you’ve made it this far, then THANK YOU for reading through! I hope this 2021 gift guide is super helpful and useful for you and that you’ve found some new ideas. I’d love if you’d pin this image to your Pinterest page to help spread the word!

Christmas Gift Guides

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