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Blue and Green Pillow Covers – 20+ Options!

If you are a throw pillow collector like me, then this post is for you! I’ve rounded up 20+ of my favorite navy and light blue and green pillow cover options!

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First Row: One | Two | Three | Four
Second Row: One | Two | Three | Four
Third Row: One | Two | Three | Four
Fourth Row: One | Two | Three | Four
Fifth Row: One | Two | Three | Four
Sixth Row: One | Two | Three | Four

Blue and Green Pillow Covers

Did anyone see that meme that went around social media a while back? Something about throw pillows being the stuffed animals of grown women? Ha – ain’t that the truth! I personally have a throw pillow obsession! They are easily one of the most versatile, impactful and affordable home decor items you can own.

Looking for more throw pillow options? Check out my post highlighting a bunch of affordable blue and white pillow combos!

Pillow covers are especially great because you can change them out often AND you can throw them in the wash or spot clean them more easily than a regular pillow. I’ve had to toss many super cute throw pillows because someone (names removed to protect the guilty, lol) got chocolate on them or accidentally swiped them with a marker. Pillow covers solve that problem! And these throw pillow inserts from Serena and Lily are the best  – buy one size bigger than your pillow cover if you want it to look extra full!

You can shop the pillow covers by clicking on any photo below!


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