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10 Best Christmas Tree Ideas for 2019

This post highlights 10 of the best Christmas tree ideas for 2019. Read on to find out where to save and where to splurge and how to mix and match decor to make an amazing Christmas tree!

10 Best Christmas Tree Ideas for 2019. Glam Tree, Rustic Tree, Red and Green Tree, Tree Collar, Tree Skirt. #christmastree #bestchristmastreeideas

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Hi there! This post today is such a fun one! I’m highlighting 10 of the best Christmas tree ideas for 2019! Now, I’ll admit that I’m no where near ready to put our trees up but my son is already asking about it. So, there’s a pretty good chance that he will wear me down and I’ll end up putting them up early! ūüėČ

Although it’s only early November, I wanted to get this handy guide to the 10 best Christmas tree ideas posted because first, so many of the best trees, skirts, collars and decor sell out so quickly and second, it’s so much less stressful to plan it now!

In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to help you pull your theme together easily. Plus, the best part is that it’s all from Amazon, Target, Michael’s and WalMart to make shopping easy + affordable!

Speaking of shopping, you can find my guide to the hottest toys for Christmas right here. In addition, you can also see my foyer and dining room trees + decor by clicking on either link.

We own 3 trees that get put up every year. If it were up to me, each bedroom would have one as well but honestly, we just don’t have the space to store them. Plus, my husband would think that I’m insane. Ha! Our family room tree is a 12 foot pre-lit tree from the National Tree Company. We’ve owned it for a few years and I can’t say enough good things about it! It’s full, the lights are pretty and the branches are pretty realistic.

However, we bought it before flocked trees were all the rage so, I made up for it by buying 2 King of Christmas unlit flocked trees for our foyer and dining room. They are my favorite! They are such a nice quality and buying them unlit and stringing lights on yourself can save you quite a bit of money.

10 Best Christmas Tree Ideas

10 Best Christmas Tree Ideas for 2019. Glam Tree, Rustic Tree, Red and Green Tree, Tree Collar, Tree Skirt. #christmastree #bestchristmastreeideas

There’s a pretty easy formula I use to put together a cohesive and fun Christmas tree: tree + collar/skirt + coordinating ornaments + picks for fillers (these are a must have!) + ribbon. I usually start with a color scheme that I love and go from there. My 10 best Christmas tree ideas have something for everyone, from glitz and glam (and hot pink!) to rustic and plaid, plus lots of ideas for fresh takes on a traditional red and green scheme.

1.) Pink Tree | Gold Collar | Teal and Pink Ornaments | Gingerbread Pick | Ribbon
2.) Flocked Tree | Faux Fur Skirt | Copper + Blue Ornaments | Silver Dollar Gold Pick | Ribbon
3.) Balsam Hill Blue Spruce Tree | Striped Skirt | Red & White Snowflake Ornaments | White Glitter Branch Pick | Ribbon
4.) King of Christmas Flocked Tree | Woven Basket | Red Ornaments | Candy Cane Pick | Ribbon
5.) Flocked Tree | Galvanized Collar | Pink Jeweled Ornaments | Pom Pom Pick | Ribbon
6.) Tree | Plaid and Rattan Collar | Snowflake Ornaments | Berry Pick | Ribbon
7.) National Tree Company Tree | Pom Pom Skirt | Red, Green and Gold Snowflake Ornaments | Red Pom Pom Pick | Ribbon
8.) Flocked Tree | Plaid Skirt | Glitter Champagne Ornaments | Gold Leaf Pick | Ribbon
9.) King of Christmas Flocked Tree | Red Metal Tree Collar | Red, Green and Gold Ornaments | Lightbulb Pick | Ribbon
10.) White Tree | Gold Tree Skirt | Blush Ornaments | Gold Fern Pick | Ribbon

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10 Best Christmas Tree Ideas for 2019. Glam Tree, Rustic Tree, Red and Green Tree, Tree Collar, Tree Skirt. #christmastree #bestchristmastreeideas

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