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18 of the Prettiest New Ikea Home Decor Items

Today, I’m sharing all of the prettiest new home decor items from Ikea’s new 2020 catalog! Read on for more!

18 of the best Ikea decor items from the 2020 catalog. Perfect decor for a modern coastal home. #ikea #moderncoastal #ikeadecor #moderncoastaldecor #blueandwhite #neutraldecor

It should really go without saying that I LOVE Ikea. My closest Ikea store is over an hour away so I don’t make it over there very often but when I do, I love to stock up on my favorite basics like these bins and these frames. Ikea is such an affordable way to update your space AND more importantly, they offer great solutions for keeping your home organized.

Their new 2020 catalog was just released and I wanted to share my favorite items that are perfect to incorporate into your modern coastal decor. Sometimes walking into Ikea can be super overwhelming so you can use my guide of the prettiest new Ikea home decor items to help make your next trip a breeze!

Prettiest New Ikea Home Decor Items

  • Lubban Serving Cart with Storage, $69.00 – this is my absolute favorite pick! It’s soooo pretty and it adds a beautiful texture to your space. Chances are very, very good that this will be making it’s way into our home. 🙂
  • Ingrun Throw, $12.99 – What a soft, beautiful color this is! It would be gorgeous draped over a couch or chair or on the end of your bed. Great price too!
  • Nikkeby 2-Drawer Chest, $69.00 – This grey-green color is so soft and pretty! They also have a 4-drawer version for just $10 more if you need more storage.
  • Kampig 3-arm Swivel Hook, $12.99 – What a pretty way to be functional! They have single hooks in this brass color as well. Perfect for a mudroom or bathroom.
  • Anilinare Boxes, set of 2, $9.99 – These are a colorful addition for your bookshelf styling!
  • Uppvakta Plant Pot, $5.99 – I love the neutral look of this one and it’s perfect for my favorite artificial plants as well.
  • Nilsove Armchair, $89.00 – Mark my words, this chair is going to be popping up on home decor blogs and accounts all over very soon! It’s a great take on some of the popular cane back chairs that are SO expensive.
  • Snidad Basket, $27.99 – This is so good! Fill it with a big, fluffy blanket and leave some hanging over the top. It’s a perfect way to add some texture and lightness to your room.
  • Glittrig Candlestick, set of 3, $19.99 – A set or two of these would be so pretty on a dining table or mantle and they have an added bonus of transitioning really well with your holiday decor.
  • Pax Closet Organizer with Hamnas doors, price varies – These new doors for the Pax closet organizers are gorgeous! We absolutely love our Pax units that we use as our mudroom storage. They are so functional!
  • Lisabo Wall Shelf, set of 2, $99.98 – I really like the light, neutral look these would give a room. We have multiple sets of Ikea shelves in various rooms of our house and they have all held up so well.
  • Fejka artificial plants, $4.99 – These are my #1 go-to item from Ikea. I never, ever leave without at least a few of them in my cart and when I get home, I always end up wishing I had more. I’m loving these new variations of them!
  • Fridfull Plant Pot, $5.99 – Admittedly, this item isn’t new for 2020 but it’s my favorite pot for the Fejka plants I just mentioned. I probably have at least one (sometimes 2!) in every main room of our house + our master bedroom.
  • Stilren Vases, $4.99-$7.99 – I love the color these vases add at a super affordable price!
  • Livsverk Vases, $12.99 – The blue vase is such a beautiful color! I absolutely love it! And the white one is a great neutral to add to a shelf or table.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post about 18 of the prettiest new Ikea home decor items from their 2020 catalog. They are perfect for a modern coastal home!


18 of the best Ikea decor items from the 2020 catalog. Perfect decor for a modern coastal home. #ikea #moderncoastal #ikeadecor #moderncoastaldecor #blueandwhite #neutraldecor

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