2022 Holiday Gift Guides

It’s time! My 2022 holiday gift guides are here and ready to shop! I’ve spent a huge amount of time combing through the best options for gifting. From babies to grandparents, there is something for every age group and person on your list! To shop any of my 2022 holiday gift guides, simply click on the shoppable image collage in each category.

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Gift Ideas for Babies

First up is my gift guide for babies!. There are so many fun + educational toys for babies and it was hard to narrow it down to just a few! I included lots of classics, along with some fun toys, teethers and books!

  • Anywhere Chair – My kids adored their Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere chairs and we used them for a really long time!
  • Personalized Name Puzzle – Personalized name puzzles make such a great keepsake gift for little ones!
  • Sandra Boynton Books – These books are a classic for a reason! We all loved reading these books – the rhyming is so fun and the illustrations are adorable!
  • Ball Pit – A ball pit is so fun for kids. My kids loved ours!
  • Montessori Toys – I love the simple look of wood Montessori toys. They really encourage thoughtful play and as a bonus, they look pretty when displayed too!

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Gift Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Toddlers and preschoolers are so fun to buy gifts for! These holiday gift guides are full of fun toys that encourage play and creativity and imagination! There are several items that my kids loved and some that I know would have been a hit in our house too. And of course, I had to include some fun dress-up clothes for all the littlest girls in your life!

  • Tonie Box – These are a HUGE hit for the second year in a row! It plays music and songs all sung by favorite characters from tv shows, movies and books. You can’t go wrong with this!
  • Sandwich Kit – This sandwich maker kit is just too cute! We certainly played our fair share of “restaurant” over the years and this would have been a great addition.
  • Learning Tower – This learning tower is a life saver in the kitchen for little ones who want to be helpers but aren’t tall enough or sturdy enough to stand on their own. While not a toy, it’s sure to be a popular item that’s used daily!
  • Bluey Figurines – Bluey is so popular and these cute little characters are fun for imaginative play.
  • Farm Playset – A farm playset is a classic for a reason! Generations of kids have played with some variation of this toy!

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Gift Ideas for Little Girls

There are so many fun and creative gift ideas for little girls! No matter what her interest, there are toys and crafts kits for everyone! Make-believe and imaginative play rules in this age category and this gift guide includes lots of options!

  • Indoor Tent – Indoor forts and tents are one of the absolute best gifts for little girls! Set it up, fill it with comfy blankets and pillows and bring in some books, crafts or snacks. You’ve got yourself a fun afternoon!
  • Journal – My daughter used to love these fuzzy animal journals. It makes a great stocking stuffer or small gift for an exchange!
  • Lego Friends Set – Legos were a huge hit in our house. I love that you can find a set for pretty much any interest. Creativity galore!
  • Balance Beam– Balance beams are a perfect gift for aspiring gymnasts and dancers. This piece sits right on the ground so there is little risk of getting hurt or scared. It’s a great gift for beginner’s!

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Gift Ideas for Little Boys

There are lots of great ideas in this gift guide for little boys! At this age, my son was obsessed with Hot Wheels cars but I’ve linked up lots of options for other interests too!

  • Build A Fort – This looks like so much fun! Use the enclosed panels to assemble your own fort – no other equipment necessary!
  • Racer Bumper Cars – Bumper cars for kids? I want one in my size! This looks like such a blast!
  • Laser Tag – Laser tag is a popular game in our house that our whole family enjoys playing!
  • Skee Ball – Skee Ball is one of my favorite games! I love that you can blow up the game, enjoy it and then put it away when you’re done!
  • Magna Tiles Builder– I love that they are branching out into other sets of Magna Tiles. This is probably my most recommended toy for younger kids. Mine spent hours playing with these sets!

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Gift Ideas for Tween Girls

In my experience tween girls love anything crafty! I included a full roundup of just craft kits, even more than what’s pictured! My daughter owned + loved many of the items I included in this gift guide!

  • StoneyClover Pouch – These pouches come in so many colors (and other styles, like backpacks, etc.) and you can completely customize them with letters, symbols, smiley faces, rainbows and more! They are super super cute and great for sports and activities!
  • Laneige Lip Balm – Tween girls LOVE cosmetics and anything that makes them feel grown-up. I love these lip balms because they are safe for them to use and they actually work to help chapped lips.
  • Felt Letter Board – A felt letter board is a fun addition to a tween girl’s bedroom. There are so many creative ways to use + decorate with these!
  • Sew Mini Garden – My daughter always enjoyed sewing and this felt kit was a great way for her to practice!
  • Faux Fur Swivel Chair – This swivel chair is an awesome addition to a bedroom or play area!

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Gift Ideas for Tween Boys

Shopping for tween boys can be HARD! Usually it’s sports, sports and more sports at this age and there are only so many footballs and basketballs you can buy. I included some options for all interests in this gift guide.

  • Capture the Flag – Capture the Flag has gone modern! This old school game got a glow-up – literally because now it’s illuminated!
  • Mini Helmets – My son loves collecting mini helmets from his favorite sports! This makes for an easy and inexpensive gift!
  • Gross Nose Science Kit – Let’s face it, many tween boys like anything that’s gross which is why I picked (ha, see what I did there, lol?) this kit!
  • Greyson Gray books – These books come highly rated so it’s a great choice for your bookworm!
  • Light Up Football – Light up footballs (and basketballs, soccer balls, etc.) are all the rage so this one is sure to be a winner!

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Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

These gift guides were so much fun to put together! My daughter is right on the verge of being a full blown teen and she chose some of the items for these guides!

  • Customizable Neon Sign – I love this idea for a teen girl! So fun for their room!
  • Selfie Light – Teen girls + TikTok + selfies = needs a selfie light!
  • Tula Cosmetics – Tula is a super popular skin care line that’s great for teens!
  • Mini Fridge – Love this mini fridge for keeping skincare products cold!

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Gift Ideas for Teen Boys

For the teen boy gift guide, I’ve got some classic favorites along with some fun + funny items too!

  • Virtual Reality Headset – These virtual reality headset looks like so much fun!
  • Popcorn Machine – Movie theater style popcorn at home? Yes, please!
  • Abercrombie Shirts – This 5 pack of Abercrombie t-shirts get amazing reviews for how soft they are! They come in other colors too.

Shop the rest of my Gift Guide for Grandparents by clicking on the shoppable gift guide collages above!

Gift Ideas for Women

I love including special items in the my gift guide for women. Most women are the ones doing the planning and shopping and decorating so it’s nice to treat them with a special gift they wouldn’t purchase for themselves!

  • Camel Sweater – I absolutely love this sweater! It’s so chic and beautiful (and yes, it’s a splurge!)
  • Barefoot Dreams Blanket – I’ve owned this blanket for over a year now andI love it! Barefoot Dreams makes my favorite sweaters and the blankets are just as soft and cozy. I think it gets better the longer you use it!
  • Veja Sneaker – I got my first pair of Veja sneakers a few months ago and they get two thumbs up from me!
  • MZ Wallace Bag – MZ Wallace bags get rave reviews and I love how chic the black quilted one is!
  • Kindle Paperwhite – I love my Kindle Paperwhite and think it makes a great gift, especially if you pair it with a gift card for Amazon books!

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Gift Ideas for Men

This was my second-most requested gift guide! It seems like everyone struggles to come up with a great gift for their husband or dad. So I’ve got some fun and unique gift suggestions that will work for anyone!

  • Bartesian Cocktail Machine – The Bartesian cocktail machine is such a fun addition to a wet bar or kitchen! Just pick the pod, pop it in, press the button and voila! Instant cocktail!
  • Adjustable Weight Set – This adjustable weight set is a great space saver for the fitness addict in your life!
  • Blackstone Griddle – This is so awesome! We got one this summer and it makes the absolute best hibachi meals!
  • Golf Net – I love that you can practice your swing even when it’s snowing outside. Your favorite golfer will love it!
  • Ooni Pizza Oven – An Ooni pizza oven is on my list to purchase next! You can buy one that uses gas, one that uses wood pellets or a combo, all in varying sizes.

Shop the rest of my Gift Guide for Men by clicking on the shoppable gift guide collages above!

Gift Ideas for Grandparents

Gifts for grandparents can sometimes be tricky because you don’t want to buy more clutter. I’ve included a bunch of useful items plus a few splurges!

  • NixPlay Photo Frame – Both sets of grandparents have loved this gift since we gave it to them a few years ago! You can upload photos wirelessly via their app which makes it so easy!
  • Book Stamp or Embosser – I loved this idea! A cute, personalized stamp that they can use to mark their books if they loan them out.
  • Solo Stove – These smokeless fire pits have become really popular recently. If your parents/grandparent enjoy a nice glass of wine by the fire, this would be a great gift!

Whew, if you’ve made it this far, then THANK YOU for reading through! I hope this 2022 gift guide is super helpful and useful for you and that you’ve found some new ideas. I’d love if you’d pin any of these images to your Pinterest page to help spread the word!

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