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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Boys (ages 8-10)

Today’s post is all about the boys! I’ve got the ultimate guide for the best gifts for boys (ages 8-10)!

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Boys (ages 8-10)!


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Yesterday’s gift guide was for the tween girls and today is for the boys! My son is notoriously difficult to buy for – mainly because he rarely asks for anything, besides electronics. This year his #1 gift request is a puppy! I’m not sure that’s on Santa’s list so I rounded up some great gift ideas for the 8-10 year old boys in your life! Many of them are items that we own + love!

Ultimate Gift Guide for Boys

1.) Electronic Hoops game – He got this last year and LOVED it! He went from a beginner to kicking our butts really quickly – ha! Perfect for the little sports lover in your life!

2.) The Book of Why? – Another favorite around here. My aunt bought this book for him a few years ago and he still reads it a lot. I love when he drops random facts into conversations that he picked up by reading this book.

3.) Magic Penny kit – This looks so fun! If your kids love building and creating, they’ll love this toy!

4.) Pac-Man Retro Arcade game – This was a random request last year. He’d never played Pac-Man before but asked for it so my mom bought it for him. Well, he proved us wrong! He loves it and plays it all of the time! (I somehow put the Mz. Pac Man game photo in my roundup picture above – that one’s available here if you are looking for it!)

5.) 3D Doodler Pen – I think this looks amazing! Kids can basically create their own figures and artwork, right out of thin air! This kit comes with everything you need to get started!

6.) NBA2k 21 – Ok, so I had to include at least one electronic, right? The newest version of my son’s favorite Xbox game is out and this is at the top of his list (right behind the puppy!).

7.) Diary of a Wimpy Kid – He loves these books! I thought maybe he was starting to outgrow them but then he reread the entire series over the last few weeks and requested the latest book from the school book fair!

8.) Super Mario Lego Starter Set – My son is Mario obsessed. He’s always liked LEGO’s too so I think he would really love these! This is the starter set but there are tons of others to create an entire Mario world!

9.) NFL Mini Helmets – My son is a sports super fan and he especially loves football! He got these for his birthday and likes displaying them around his room and playing with them!

10.) Segway Electric Transporter – Ok, this one is admittedly something I saw and thought looked so cool! It definitely comes with a hefty price tag but it’s a great wow factor gift!

11.) Magna Tiles – Always a favorite classic toy. My two still love to pull these out and play with them, so they are definitely not just for little kids!

I hope this ultimate gift guide for boys helps you with your shopping this year. If you have more suggestions for this age group, drop me a comment. I’m always looking for new ideas!

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