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This week’s Friday Favorites is all about back-to-(virtual)-school and the organizational item I already can’t live without, my favorite light that’s back in stock and a fun new announcement that will save you some cash!
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This and That

Ok, last week’s Friday, I’m in Love post went up on Sunday and this week’s went up on Saturday night, so I guess it’s an improvement, lol. 🙂

This week I posted about the new Studio McGee for Target line that’s being released in a few weeks. There’s so many great pieces. This lamp and this dining chair are my favorites!

I am excited to say that I’ve started a new Facebook private group – Newport Lane Blog: Home Decor Deals and Steals. Please take a minute and join! I am still working on getting content up (it realistically won’t be until after school starts this week because #reallife) but it will be soon! I come across so many great finds and deals and I wanted to put them in a place where I could share them all quickly.

My kids started school this week. Well, sort of. They met their teachers on Monday and the face to face kids started on Wednesday. Mine were supposed to as well but due to some technology issues, they decided that the virtual kids will start this Monday instead. My daughter got to get herself settled with the Chromebook the school gave her and already had a bunch of work to do. My son got to have a math lesson with his teacher today to make sure everything was working as it should be. I was so impressed! It went smoothly and there was a ton of interaction. I hope it’s a sign of things to come because it’s already so much better than the spring was.

Virtual Learning Areas

We got my daughter’s school area set up this week and we are working on my son’s this weekend. Here is a little peek of her space. I love how it turned out! We didn’t purchase anything new besides the corkboard – she picked everything from a stash of decor that we had in the basement.

I patched up the wall in our toyroom and painted this week (you can see part of the room in this post here). The original plans called for white walls but I just didn’t have the time or energy to paint the whole room. I still think that white paint would really brighten up the room. I would like to tackle that eventually, just not this weekend!

Check out all of the coastal paint colors I use and love here!

In last week’s Friday, I’m in Love post, I showed a mockup of my plans for our dining room. Well, we’ve scrapped those plans for now. I’d still like to get a table but for the time being it will serve as a bonus den/homeschool room. This is the best place for my son for school because he’s kind of tucked into a half wall. He has a little bit of privacy but he’s still where I can help him quickly if he needs it. We are all adjusting on the fly around here! Who knows, next week, I might tell you that I went ahead and bought a table! I change my mind a lot, lol.

Friday Favorites

My featured home photo this week is one I found on Pinterest. I unfortunately don’t know who it belongs to to give credit but isn’t it beautiful?

I’ve noticed a few things that caught my eye this week, including this vase from Joann’s. It’s only $10! It’s a perfect, inexpensive shelf styling essential. I also love this mirror from Cailini Coastal. They are a new-to-me shop I discovered and they have so many beautiful pieces! These dining chairs are amazing and my favorite light fixture is back in stock at Wayfair! I bought this rolling cart from Michael’s this week and after using it for just a few days, I can already tell it is going to be a mess-repelling game changer for virtual school. And last, this console table is one I’ve always loved from World Market. It’s on sale for one of the best prices I’ve ever seen it at!

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