My Favorite Coastal Artwork

I’ve been on the hunt for some bright + happy coastal artwork for our playroom. Read on to see my favorite picks + the best places to find great coastal artwork prints!

My Favorite Coastal Artwork
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Top to Bottom, Row 1: Palms | Overhead Beach | Coconut Row | Marsh Brightly
Row 2: Floatilla | Swimming Pool | Surfs Up 002
Row 3: High Tide | Get Jiggy With It (Charleston) | New Mercies Every Morning (Marsh)

About 2 years ago, I completely revamped our kids toy room. We moved a tv from one wall to the other side of the room, switched the couch to the other side as well and added in some amazing Ikea storage. Moving the tv left a giant hole in the wall and some serious scratches to cover up. It’s sat like that for a while now and I finally decided that it’s time to get those holes patched up, painted and get some coastal artwork on the wall!

 When I added in the Ikea storage shelves, I also added in bright and happy colors with some punchy pinks and bright blues. We have this multi-colored rug in the room too.  So I’d like to find some coastal artwork that matches those colors and keeps with the coastal theme in our house. That’s why I’ve put together this list of my 10 favorite pieces of coastal artwork!

Toyroom Mini-Makeover Plan with New Coastal Artwork

The first thing I want to do is give this room a little facelift with a fresh coat of white paint. There is something so great about a bright white + neutral base. I’ve disliked this shade of grey from the minute it went up because it has a purple undertone to it. Since I need to patch and paint the wall anyways, I might just go ahead and give the whole room a quick coat.

Step 2: Clean out the toys! This one may take a while. I have one kid who freely gives up anything he doesn’t like or isn’t playing with and another kid who would keep every single thing she’s ever owned.

Step 3: Get a new couch. We moved our old hunter green couch in from our family room nearly 2 years ago and while it’s extremely comfortable, it has some broken springs. The green color also really doesn’t go with the room (or anything in our home). Just before the quarantine, I saw a beautiful couch on clearance at HomeGoods that I had my eye on. If only I had purchased it a few weeks earlier! A new couch isn’t particularly high on the budget list so this may not happen but eventually, we’re going to be forced to deal with it.

Step 4: New coastal artwork for the walls! This is the fun one that I’m really excited about! It will probably happen before any of the other steps, if I’m being honest. LOL! I discovered Maren Devine’s work several years ago, so I immediately thought of her gorgeous paintings when considering what to hang. I’ve also followed Brooke Ring for a few years on Instagram. I love her use of bright, happy colors with a coastal theme. I’m going to keep it simple and just do a collection of 2 or 3 prints. I’ll use either crisp white or brass frames.

How to Find Coastal Artwork You’ll Love

I find beautiful coastal artwork all over the place! My favorite spot to shop for coastal artwork is Etsy. Lots of artists offer prints of their work so it makes owning a piece of beautiful art way more affordable. Minted is another great site to find coastal artwork you’ll love. You can also do a Pinterest search for whatever type of artwork you’re looking for.

{You can follow my paintings board right here with lots of great coastal + abstract artwork saved!} 

I also like to find artists to follow on Instagram. I get to see their beautiful artwork on a regular basis. Plus, the algorithm recommends other great artists for me to follow too! Win-win!

I hope you found some coastal artwork that you love! Drop me a comment and let me know which one is your favorite!

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