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Coastal Laundry Room Makeover + Mood Board

Today, I’m sharing my plans for our coastal laundry room makeover + the mood board I created to help me nail down the details. 

A soothing and calming coastal laundry room mood board with brass fixtures, crisp white walls and blue cabinets.

One of the projects that I’ve been itching to start for the past few years is a laundry room makeover. Being at home for 10 weeks during quarantine seemed like the perfect time to get started!

Before I start any project, I like to put together a mood board to really help me stay focused on what I’m trying to accomplish. It really helps to see how all of the different ideas in my head might look together. Mood boards can also help to make sure that you don’t make any expensive mistakes!

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Laundry Room Before

As you look at that first picture, the washer/dryer are on the right side and on the left side were the cubbies that we had built several years ago.

When we built pantry cabinets during our kitchen remodel, we no longer needed our walk in pantry so we turned that space into our mudroom. When we started this laundry room makeover, my husband tore the cubbies out to open the space up again. Side note: I’ve owned this washing machine for at least 5 years. I like that I decided that removing that peeling yellow sticker wasn’t necessary until now, lol. And we don’t have anything fancy – when our dryer dies, we’ll replace it with an old school Speed Queen to match the washer. They are the best!

There’s nothing wrong with our laundry room but it’s just not me anymore. When we moved in, we had the room painted in a khaki color and I added little touches to complement the existing black cabinets. My style has changed so much over the past few years. I am definitely excited to spruce up this space!

Coastal Laundry Room Makeover Plan + Details

My coastal laundry room makeover plan is pretty simple – fix up as much as I can for as inexpensively as I can. Fresh paint colors were the main component of my laundry room makeover, with the plan of painting both the walls and cabinets. I’ve been brainstorming ideas for a long time and came up with a mood board scheme and items that I really love.



I chose to paint the entire room in Behr Ultra Pure White. Normally, I’m a Sherwin Williams sort of girl, but I needed paint delivered during our lockdown and Home Depot was able to come through. For the cabinet paint color, I chose Benjamin Moore Polaris Blue. Fun fact: I picked this color sight unseen because Shea McGee recommended it as one of her go-to colors. Since none of the paint stores were open during quarantine, I decided to go with the experts choice! (I once put like 20 paint colors on my bedroom walls before choosing a color. I thought my painter was going to kill me. So not seeing it in person is completely off brand for me!)


Brass. Brass and more brass. While everyone else was choosing platinum engagement rings, I chose gold. I’ve always loved it for jewelry and I love it in my home.


This was a tough one. I completely despise the linoleum floors in my laundry room. While I would love to do some sort of fancy patterned tile, it was just out of my budget. I looked into every solution I could come up with – vinyl tile stickers (too expensive and my floor has a texture which would show through), peel and stick vinyl tile (the only color I liked got bad reviews to keep it clean) or new linoleum (too expensive and we don’t want strangers working in our house right now). In the end, I decided to just cover up as much of it as I could with new rugs. I’m doing both a 4×6 and a runner in this striped jute pattern. I haven’t received them yet but I’m hoping they’ll do the job!


I went with these flush mounts for the room. Simple, budget friendly and pretty – win, win, win.




Simple + natural elements are what I’m going for. We built a countertop where the cubbies used to be and used this woodgrain contact paper to mimic real wood (we built the counter out of mismatched scraps so we couldn’t stain it). We also built a shelf above the sink that will be painted the same color as the cabinets and it will be styled with this pot paired with my favorite go-to Ikea plant. I’ll fill my favorite brass Target frame with this amazing piece of artwork from Maren Devine. All of her stuff is SO beautiful! Last, I already had a few of these rope baskets from Target on hand so I’m going to use those for laundry storage.

Countertop, Sink and Faucet

This part of our coastal laundry room makeover unfortunately won’t be finished anytime soon because of the quarantine. Still, I already know I’ll be choosing a brass faucet, white sink (ours had an unfortunate run in with some paint several years ago and there’s no saving it) and I’ll be looking for a white quartz or granite countertop remnant.

So that’s the plan and mood board for our coastal laundry room makeover! I’m excited to show you the final results when we finally get this project wrapped up!

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