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My August Amazon Finds

This post talks all about my favorite finds August Amazon finds. Read on to find out what I am loving!

My August Amazon Finds. Best deals on Amazon. Favorite Amazon purchases. #amazon #shopamazon

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Do you love Amazon as much as I do? Is that even possible? 🙂 Haha. I find that I do so much shopping on Amazon. It’s so much easier to just point, click and order than it is to load up the kids and drive around from store to store. Truly, I’m not sure what we did without it!

I wanted to start a new series featuring my favorite Amazon purchases and finds from every month. I love reading about what other people have found from Amazon – it’s so helpful! So, I hope I can be helpful to you as well. Here’s my favorite August Amazon finds!

  • Reusable Storage Bags: Now that it’s back to school time, I wanted to pick up some reusable storage bags for my kids to take snacks in. Regular plastic bags are expensive and terrible for the environment. Love these!
  • Short Sleeve Ruffle Dress: I’ve mentioned this dress before but I love it so much that I wanted to mention it again. I wear it as a tunic with leggings or jeans and often throw a kimono over it. Definitely my favorite find of the whole summer!
  • Headbands: Knotted headbands are so popular right now and it’s great to be able try some different patterns and colors (Amazon sells a ton of different sets) for a really affordable price.
  • Striped laundry basket: I have this striped basket in a smaller size and I love that they have a laundry sized basket now. My laundry sorter  is falling apart and I think I am going to grab a couple of these to replace it. I absolutely love the quality and affordability!
  • Bamboo handbag: The original Gaia bag has become a cult favorite but there’s no way I want to pay that much money for a trendy bag I’ll only use a handful of times. This designer dupe looks pretty close to the real deal and it’s got a ton of 5 star reviews! It would be perfect for a beach vacation!
  • Makeup case: This makeup case is great to keep your cosmetics organized when traveling. I always end up piling mine up in a small bag and they get so mixed up. I also think it would be great to keep my daughter’s dance competition make-up organized as well!
  • Bone box: This box is so beautiful to add to a console table or dresser. They have 2 different sizes so you can stack them! They are so pretty!
  • The Color Teil: I love Teil Duncan’s art and think this book looks gorgeous! It’s perfect for a modern coastal coffee table book.
  • Adjustable foot rest: I came across this recently and think it’s a pretty cool idea for traveling. You can inflate it to different heights so it will fit under a plane seat. I always feel so uncomfortable on planes and really want to give this one a try the next time we fly.
  • Long skirt: This skirt is so beautiful! I love the orange and blue colors and think it will be perfect for fall!
  • Kids Rug: I reeeeeeaaaalllly wish I had found this rug before I purchased the one that is currently in our toy room. I love the bright colors that coordinate with so many different toys and books!

So there you have it! My top favorite August finds from Amazon! Happy shopping!


My August Amazon Finds. Best deals on Amazon. Favorite Amazon purchases. #amazon #shopamazon

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