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Product Spotlight: Favorite Coffee Table Books

This Product Spotlight is perfect if you are looking for beautiful coffee table books. Read on to see my favorites!

Classic Coffee Table books

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For these week’s product spotlight, I wanted to feature one of my favorite accessories – coffee table books! It’s no secret that I LOVE using coffee table books in my own home decor! As a result, they can usually be found stacked together on any number of surfaces in my house. What I especially love about using coffee table books is how versatile they are. They instantly add color, style and interest to any space and they can be used virtually anywhere.

An added bonus is that they are a relatively inexpensive way to switch up your home decor to create a whole new look! For instance, I often check my local bookstore to see if any interesting ones are on clearance (it helps that it’s next door to a HomeGoods. Ha!). You can also buy them used on Amazon, sometimes for a fraction of the price as they are brand new. I’ve gotten some of my favorite coffee table books that way! Just be sure to check the product description for accuracy and any signs of damage.

As you can see below, my favorite way to style coffee table books is to add glass beads on top (like these). I also love stacking a group of books together and adding some greenery or a vase for some contrast. Happy decorating!

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