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Free Christmas Family Fun Checklist

Free Christmas Family Fun Checklist printable

I’m here today to share a free Christmas Family Fun Checklist printable that I made!

My kids love writing down all of the fun things they want to do during the holiday season. Their favorite activity? Having “Kevin” sundaes. If you want your kids to think you are the coolest parents ever, let them make their own “Kevin” sundaes. We came up with the idea after watching Home Alone one year. You know the part where Kevin is by himself and decides to make a gigantic ice cream sundae and watch movies that he isn’t supposed to? Yeah, we let our kids do that (well, the sundae part at least. Ha!). Last year, we let them have at it  – no holds barred, gigantic, put-as-much-candy-as-you-can-handle sundaes. They thought it was the coolest thing ever! Of course they didn’t even end up finishing them, but that wasn’t the point, right? They are still talking about it and it’s definitely the first thing to go on our Christmas Family Fun checklist this year. 🙂

I wanted a checklist that was blank so we could fill in our own activities and decided to make my own after not finding anything online that I liked. I thought maybe you guys might like to have this as well so here you go! You can click on the link below to print out your own copy.

Christmas Family Fun Checklist

I hope you enjoy this free Christmas Family Fun Checklist and have lots of fun making your own memories this season!

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