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Gift Guide: Gifts Every Cook Will Love

This Gift Guide for Gifts Every Cook Will Love is your one-stop shopping source for your favorite home chef!

Amazing Gifts Every Cook Will Love

I’m back with one last gift guide of the holiday season – gifts every cook will love! Many of these are my own tried and true favorites and some are on my wish list. Let’s dig in (ha! – see what I did there?)

Tools and Utensils

Zipstrip – My mom put this in my Easter basket one year and it’s definitely a keeper! You use it to de-stem fresh herbs, like cilantro and rosemary. It makes doing the job go super quick!

Riedel Wine Glasses: Riedel makes our absolute favorite wine glasses. There’s something about a really good glass, you know? Our favorite is the cabarnet glass – it’s pretty big but we absolutely love it. (Shh – don’t tell the wine snobs but we use it for all sorts of wine! Ha!)

Etú Marble Cutting Board: This has been on my radar for a while now. I love the way it looks in a kitchen, propped up against the wall. Pretty and functional is my sort of gift! And if Oprah picked it as one of her favorite things, you know it’s good to be good!

Rabbit Corkscrew: If you have a wine lover on your list, this is a fantastic corkscrew at an affordable price. It’s so easy to use –  it really does make uncorking the bottle a snap!

Domed Server: You can’t go wrong with a pretty domed server in a kitchen. Use it for food or as a decoration. Win-win!

Wood Round Serving Board: Another beautiful cutting board to display. Can you tell I’m a little obsessed? It’s a great pairing with the marble and wood board I listed above.

Santoku Knife: Definitely my most used knife in my kitchen. It comes in several different sizes and makes slicing and dicing a breeze.

5-Piece Brass and Stainless Steel Bar Tool Set: I think this is so chic! Pair it with a cocktail recipe book and some beautiful glasses and you’ve got yourself a great gift for the entertainer on your list.

Electrics and Machines

Pizzeria Pronto: Guys, this is easily THE most used “extra” in our kitchen. My husband kind of rolled his eyes when I talked about buying one (he figured it would go the way of the quesadilla maker) but we have gotten more than our monies worth out of it. It’s a portable pizza oven that connects to a gas tank and makes, hands-down, the best homemade pizza I’ve ever had. Honestly, I’ve been toying with the idea of picking up a second one to make the cooking go that much faster. If your family loves pizza, this little machine is a game changer!

Marco Atlas Pasta Machine: My beloved pasta machine. I love this thing! It makes fettuccine and spaghetti noodles and you can purchase other attachments for different pastas. (I’m looking at you, ravioli maker). The machine rolls smoothly, cuts beautifully and is an all-around workhorse.

Vitamix: Isn’t the old adage that you’re never supposed to give a woman a blender for her birthday or the holidays? Or something like that? I wouldn’t be the least bit mad if someone wanted to give me this baby!

Nugget Ice Machine: Do you know someone who is obsessed with ice? Not just any old ice, but the good stuff? Then this machine is for them! It’s pricey for sure but man, I’d love to get my hands on one of these!

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