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Gift Guide: Awesome Stocking Stuffers for Kids

You can use this Awesome Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids gift guide to help jump start some ideas for the holiday season. All of these gifts come from Amazon to make your shopping easy, convenient and inexpensive!

{Please note that affiliate links may be used for your shopping convenience.}

Arts and Crafts

Letters To My Daughter/Letters To My Son – This made Oprah’s Favorite Things list this year! When my kids were born, I made each of them a little scrapbook that looks a lot like this for birthday letters that I’ve written them each year. I love the idea of including these in your kid’s stockings. They have other versions available for other family members as well.

Kiwk Stix – Another favorite of my kid’s! These paint sticks are a no-mess, no clean-up sort of arts and crafts supply. They go on really smooth like a oil pastel would and they come in metallic as well.

Gel Pens – We love gel pens around here! They each have their own set so there is no fighting. Amazon sells them in all different pack sizes. I’ve linked the ones my kids have but you can click on it and easily find a set that’s a bit smaller for a stocking.

Stapler & Scotch Tape – Ok, I know what you are thinking right now. A stapler and scotch tape? Let me tell you – my kids LOVE to have their own “grown-up” supplies at their art desks. These + a giant pack of printer paper are always a big hit with my kids!

Shrinky Dinks Mermaids & Shrinky Dinks Cool Stuff – We got some Shrinky Dinks sets a few years ago as a stocking stuffer and my kids had so much fun coloring them and watching them bake. It’s a great way to have some quiet play time during the holiday break from school!

Melissa and Doug Neon Scratch Notes – This is another fun toy that keeps them busy creating for a little while. They think it’s super fun to write little notes to us.

Washi Tape – Washi tape is another fun craft supply that my kids really seem to like. As a scrapbooker, I have tons laying around and my kids are always stealing them so it’s time for them to get some of their own!

Games and Toys

Rock Paper Scissors Card Game – My kids learned how to play Rock, Paper, Scissors at school and quickly became obsessed.  My son thinks it’s called “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoe” because everyone at school says “Shoot” at the end. It’s adorable and there’s no way I am correcting him! One of them got this card game in their stocking last Christmas and they love it! It’s such a fun, easy game that pretty much any child could play.

Mini Lego Packs – Legos are always a big hit in our house and my kids love to be surprised by packs like these. We have quite a collection now!

Magnifying Glass – This is one of those toys that I think is just a right of passage sort of thing. My kids discovered one at my mom’s house and talked about playing with it all of the time so it was perfect when Santa brought them their own to keep at our house!


Headphones – My kids are obsessed with using headphones whenever they have iPad time. I love these because I don’t have to worry about them blasting the volume and hurting their ears. These have volume limiting technology that means they can safely use them. Win-win for kids and mom!


Chapstick – My daughter loves chapstick and “makeup” but I won’t let her use most of the kids makeup that’s on the market due to safety concerns. I like Lip Smackers because they’ve been around forever – I remember using them when I was a kid so I feel pretty good about letting her use it as well. Plus, they have lots of fun flavors and scents!

JoJo Bow – JoJo Siwa’s bow are ALL the rage with my daughter’s age group, especially at her dance studio. I love that they still look like little girls when they wear them. There are lots of colors and styles to choose from on Amazon!

So there you go! Fifteen inexpensive and easy stocking stuffers for kids – all available with free shipping from Amazon! Happy shopping!

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